At The Access Group, we stand behind our presses, and our promises.

The Access Group brings together a team of people whose experience, dedication and knowledge of the printing industry gives you direct ACCESS to the highest quality equipment, at the lowest possible cost, right when you need it.

Our Team

Clyde Tillman, Founder
Clyde Tillman managed remarketed equipment for Heidelberg for four years before leaving to found The Access Group. His contacts around the world allow The Access Group to find you the right press at the right price in a manner which fits your time schedule. Clyde has focused entirely on the remarketed side of the printing industry since 1996. He is highly regarded for his expertise among colleagues in the industry, and beyond.

US and EU Service Centers
Our refurbishment facilities are highly regarded as being the best in the art of press restoration. We offer on- and off-site specialty cleaning services for printers worldwide. The Access Group is able to provide you with the highest quality cleaning and paint restoration service available today. Our service technicians use a special CO² and hand-cleaning process; they finish the job by applying original factory paint and powder coating for durability to provide the ultimate finish.

PressAccess Service Technicians
Our experienced team of service technicians received special training in the refurbishment process at Heidelberg, the leading manu-facturer of graphic arts equipment. At the top of their field, they are uniquely qualified to transform a used press into a new press that has been pre-owned.