2012 KBA RA 105-6+L CX FAPC ALV2 (UV)
Manufacturer: KBA Location: North Carolina  
Model#: RA 105-6+L Loading Cost:
Serial#: Installation:
Training Cost:
Year: 2012 Warranty Cost:
Description: 62 Million Impressions 29" x 41" 6-Color Straight Format KBA Ergotronic Console with Spectrophotometer Basic FAPC Full Automatic Plate Changing System Presets (6) Interchangeable UV Interdeck Cassettes All PUs Prepared for UV / EOP End of Press Inline Harris & Bruno Anilox Coater with Chambered Doctor Blade Ink & Cylinder Adjust from Console including Plate Cocking Automatic Ink Roller and Blanket Cylinder Washers CX Package Plastics Package Non-Stop Feed and Delivery Available Now

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